In a press conference on Tuesday, The World Health Organization decided not to further their investigation into the actual origins of the Coronavirus plague that continues to devastate the world. This development comes only weeks after Joe Biden, along with defamed Dr. Fauci, reinstated the U.S. into the global health organization. 

WHO’s top team downplayed the possibility that the virus leaked from a lab near Wuhan, China despite the overwhelming evidence of the contrary. China and the WHO have faced strong criticism over their response to the COVID pandemic. China initially blocked WHO investigators from entering Wuhan, but 

An animal disease expert working at WHO claimed coronavirus likely spread from an animal to humans. “Our findings suggest the introduction through a host species is the most likely pathway, one that will require more studies and targeted research,” WHO says. 

“The laboratory incident hypothesis is extremely unlikely and unable to explain the introduction of the virus to the human population. Therefore it is not a theory we advice to suggest for further studies into the understanding of the virus’ origin,” WHO added. 

WHO’s findings come after an extended research visit in the Chinese city of Wuhan where a team of scientists have furthered their ‘investigation’ into the origins of the coronavirus. 

The questionable research lab, The Wuhan Institute of Virology, has long been in the spotlight since the coronavirus took hold globally. The Institute routinely collects virus samples, doing extensive research for the Communist regime in China. The Chinese government has vehemently rejected any wrongdoing and have promoted other theories claiming the virus originated elsewhere. 

WHO claims to have built their research team of ‘experts’ from 10 different countries, giving the allusion of diversity of opinion. Its supposed mission is to take the first steps in discovering how/where the coronavirus took hold. Whether it be from bats, in a lab or passed from other animals, Biden has entrusted WHO’s team to get to the bottom of it. 

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