The Democrats’ lead impeachment manager, Rep. Jamie Raskin, wasted no time hamming it up for the press cameras as Trump’s Senate trial kicked off on Tuesday.

Raskin recalled the ‘terror’ his family experienced during the Capitol protests on Jan. 6th and exploited it to argue for Trump’s conviction. Democrats are known to manipulate emotions to further their political gain, but this publicity stunt takes the cake. 

The impeachment cry baby Raskin, 58, detailed the personal turmoil he experienced on the day of the protest. The congressman and his family were already emotionally charged as Biden’s inauguration provided the group therapy session that America apparently needed. The Jan. 6th protests were just too much for him to handle. 

Raskin and his family were initially separated by Capitol police as the protests waged on. 

“People all around me were calling for their loved ones to say goodbye,” Raskin recalled. “Then, a sound I can never forget. The sound of pounding on the door – the most haunting sound I’ve ever heard and I will never forget it.” 

During his speech Raskin stopped several times to pretend to compose himself and wipe away the tears. How long did he prepare for this shining moment in the press? 

“I told my daughter how sorry I was. I told her it would not be like this again next time she visited the Capitol with me,” Raskin continued. “Of all the terror and brutality of that day, this hit me the hardest.”

Raskin is only one of the Democrat impeachment managers tapped to falsely prosecute President Trump. 

Trump is currently standing trial on a single count of incitement of insurrection, the first of its kind involving a former president. 

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