Soon after Joe Biden entered office, he went to work undoing the progress Trump made in protecting our borders. He canceled construction of the border wall. In addition, he ended a policy that protected Americans by requiring asylum seekers to stay in Mexico as their cases were processed.

Many people try to jump the border illegally, hoping they’d get caught. When they are apprehended, they claim to be seeking asylum. Under Biden, instead of getting booted out, they are allowed to stay inside the country. This is “catch-and-release,” which encourages illegal aliens to slip through the government’s fingers, never to appear for their trials.

And in the age of COVID, Biden is doing little to “slow the spread.”

As Breitbart News has extensively reported, the Biden administration has resumed the Catch and Release program wherein border crossers are apprehended and promptly released into the interior of the United States. These border crossers are not required to test negative for the coronavirus before their release into American communities. [Source: Breitbart]

Apparently, Biden is putting these asylum-seekers up in high-rise hotels, “quarantining” for 10 days. They are then released; no actual test being taken. Meanwhile, the administration has considered implementing a flight ban for any American who hasn’t been tested for the China virus.

Uh… are we taking crazy pills? Or is it Joe that has totally lost his mind? Why should illegal entrants into the country get such special treatment (with ZERO testing), but Americans can’t even fly?

Tom Cottom blasted Biden’s insane new policies.

“Just think about that. Illegal aliens can come into our country without vaccination, without even a negative test, but we may not be able to fly in our own country without a test. Joe Biden is keeping American closed, but he’s keeping our borders open.” [Source: Breitbart]

Sheriff of Yuma County, Arizona also criticized the policy in a letter to Sen. Sinema, saying it was a “dangerous approach.” Tucker Carlson also attacked what Biden is doing, claiming the policy is meant to “humiliate” and “demoralize.” Americans.

But should that come to us as a surprise? Joe Biden has never put Americans first. During the primaries, he promised to give free health care to illegals. He appears to be bowing to Chinese influence in our schools, while allowing Russia to expand its energy production. And that’s not even mentioning the tens of thousands of jobs he’s already killed.

You have to really wonder what Biden is doing to actually help Americans? Since his administration began, he’s only worked to make our lives more difficult and dangerous. Meanwhile, criminals who illegally enter this country are treated like royalty. They might even be sick with COVID and could spread it to others, but Biden doesn’t care.

Already, they’ve released 1,000 illegals, in just the last week. No testing. How many of them will be infecting Americans?

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