A shocking new report details the Biden administration’s plan to severely limit domestic travel restrictions to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Outbreaks of the new variants — including a highly contagious one first identified in the United Kingdom, as well as others from South Africa and Brazil that scientists worry can evade existing vaccines — have lent urgency to a review of potential travel restrictions within the United States, one federal official said. […] Two federal government officials underscored that no policy announcements are imminent, and that any move to restrict travel or impose new health measures would be taken in partnership with state and local governments. The U.K. variant, known as B.1.1.7, has recently exploded in Florida, where over a third of all cases in the United States have been identified.

A source close to the White House said active debate about what could help stop the spread is currently plaguing the administration. The Biden White House has not commented publicly on the matter.

Transportation Secretary and failed Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg confirmed that officials were considering a rule to require domestic travelers obtain a negative COVID screening before boarding a flight. Buttigieg revealed he’s in active talks with the CDC regarding a possible mandate. 

While Biden claims to make science-based decisions, this latest restriction will by far be the most strident since the virus become known in the U.S. Conservative lawmakers have railed against the possible decision, citing data that disproves Biden’s theories. Airline CEOs have also balked at the Biden administration.

Delta Airline’s CEO Ed Bastian called Buttigieg’s idea a “terrible” one and a “logistical nightmare.”

In a letter to Joe Biden, Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly slammed the possible decision.

Recently the CDC issued a mandate requiring travelers of all kind to wear masks during their commute. This comes before an even more recent change to their mask mandate. The CDC now claims wearing two masks can even further prevent the spread of COVID-19 and its new variants. 

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