Biden’s Secretary of State Tony Blinken signaled he will no longer endorse Trump administration’s recognition of Israel’s claim to The Golan Heights. 

“The Golan was and will remain part of Israel,” Netanyahu said. “With an agreement, without an agreement, we are not coming down from the Golan. It will remain a sovereign part of the State of Israel.”

This development comes after many indications the U.S. will re-enter a period of anti-Israel foreign policy strategy established under former president Barack Obama. 

Israel’s legal right to The Golan Heights has long been contested throughout history, but Trump and his adminstration formally recognized the area for U.S. diplomatic purposes in 2019. U.S. relations with Israel have never been stronger in history. 

After President Trump recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, Blinken predecessor, Mike Pompeo, made a rare visit, where he said “this is now a central part of Israel,” solidifying U.S. relations with the Middle East titans. 

Netanyahu inaugurated a new town in the Golan Heights named after President Donald Trump as gesture of appreciation after formally acknowledging Israel’s sovereignty over the strategic area.

Sec. Blinken stopped just short of completely reversing the Trump decision to recognize the Golan Heights for Israel. 

“The control of the Golan Heights remains a real issue for Israel’s security,” he said in an interview.. “Legal questions remain in the air. If Israel decides to alter the situation in Syria, the legal dilemma over the Golan will become a major issue.”

He added the presence of militia groups backed by Iran, pose a “significant security threat” to Israel.

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