We shouldn’t be surprised that, under Biden, our southern border will be weaker than ever before. President Obama had a very poor immigration plan. But Biden claims it was too strict even back then, previously lamenting the many people they deported over the years. It seems only Donald Trump actually cared about defending the border, but he got little help.

Trump had to move heaven and earth just to acquire funding for his border wall. When migrant caravans flooded our border, Congress was no help. President Trump negotiated with Central American countries and Mexico to protect our country. Now, with Biden in charge, illegals seem to think it’s open season at the border.

Because we’ve just seen our worst month yet.

The number of migrants apprehended by Border Patrol agents in January after illegally crossing the border from Mexico jumped by 157 percent over January 2020. The massive jump comes amidst the new Biden administration policies on border security and immigration enforcement…

Single adult apprehensions jumped by triple-digit percentages in all nine southwest border sectors comparing January 20 to January 21 — 182 percent overall…

January’s increase marks the ninth straight month of increased border apprehensions. The low point came in April 2020 when apprehensions fell to 17,104. [Source: Breitbart]

Illegal crossings at the border jumped by a staggering 152% compared to January of last year. Gee, I wonder what could have changed?

Keep in mind the pandemic still rages around the world. Our border should be just as secure as it ever was, especially if Biden truly cares about beating the disease. But despite all that, it seems like illegals are more empowered than ever before to make a run for the border.

You can guess why. With Biden in the White House, migrants don’t think they will face the same kind of consequences from when Trump was in charge. They have good reason to think that: Biden himself said as much!

Biden tried to halt deportations of convicted criminals. He canceled construction on the border wall. Although his administration has yet to craft meaningful immigration policy, he has ended Trump’s hard-fought “remain in Mexico” policy. That has effectively returned the “catch and release” system from Obama’s day—the main reason border jumps have spiked.

Remain in Mexico was one of the most effective policies for defending the border. If someone was caught crossing illegally—and they claimed asylum (which they all do)—they would be forced to wait in Mexico as their case was processed. Under Biden’s restored “catch and release,” our government gives them a court date and just lets them go.

Guess how many actually show up for their court date?

Knowing that they will face virtually zero consequences for breaking the law, we shouldn’t be surprised at how many people are now crossing the border. And that massive spike is only the ones we caught! How many more slip through, unnoticed?

And will Biden be held accountable when these migrants contribute to rising numbers of COVID or other increases in crime?

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