Joe Biden delivered a dire warning on China only days after an official call with President Xi. 

This warning comes after many months, and many years, of downplaying China’s threat to U.S. interests. In the White House on Thursday, however, Biden adopted a more forceful tone. 

“They’re going to ear our lunch,” he said. 

Biden’s stark change of tune is an alarming one given the total 180 he’s pulled since campaigning for office in 2019. 

“China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man,” Biden exclaimed during a 2019 campaign stop. 

Biden’s has urged a reset in the bilateral relationship with Biden after Trump spent years advancing America’s interests when no other president would.  

Beijing Biden, as he was known to Trump and his aides, has maintained he plans to soften this relationship, claiming China is too preoccupied with its own domestic and foreign policy issues to pose a threat to the United States.  

Not one to be fooled, Trump understood the economic threat China posed and worked tirelessly to secure a trade deal, signed and sealed right before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday Biden and Xi spoke for two hours just three weeks after his inauguration. White House officials claim Biden’s conversation with Xi was delayed so he could talk to “partners and allies in the region” as well as “Democrats and Republicans in Washington,” according to Press Sec. Psaki. 

According to a readout provided by the White House, Biden underscored some fundamental concerns with Xi. Derisive economic practices, crackdown in Hong Kong, human rights abuses, assertive actions toward Taiwan, amongst other topics. 

While furthering diplomatic ties with China would greatly benefit the U.S., it is highly unlikely President Xi gave any serious merit to Biden’s concerns. Psaki refsed to provide any further details, specifically whether Biden and Xi discussed the origin of coronavirus or the military coup in Myanmar. 

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