Democrats routinely ignore the concerns of mental health experts claiming school closures and other coronavirus lockdown measures are seriously impacting the mental health of teenagers and young adults.

Hospitals across the country are undergoing a mental health emergency largely ignored by Democrat lawmakers pushing for endless lockdowns. Health professionals are growing increasingly concerned about the social isolation many of our youngsters are facing during the pandemic. 

Pandemic suicides amongst the 18-25 age group have dramatically increased. Just recently a surge of teenage suicides in the Las Vegas area forced a Clark County school to reverse its decision to close for the entire year. It took 18 high school teenagers to end their own lives before the Democrats in control took notice. 

The mental effects of endless Covid lockdowns should not continue to be underestimated. Mental health researches from the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families reported that children are suffering from “increasing levels of worry, fear, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress” due to the lockdowns forced upon us by Democrat officials. 

With Joe Biden at the helm, Democrats have been recently emboldened to change their coronavirus lockdown policies. While some liberal governors have loosened some restrictions, school children remain in limbo, waiting on the adults to settle their political differences. Democrats have routinely advocated for school closures, while many Republicans still rail against those policies. 

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