Joe Biden broke his silence following President Donald Trump’s historic acquittal Saturday. The aged radical quickly released a press statement filled with desperate attempts to purge Trump from America’s conscious by claiming that the “substance” of the charge against him is “not in dispute.”

Biden hopes to close the “sad chapter in our history” with Trump as the main character. Little does he know, Trump’s grassroots support is through the roof. Biden goes on to warn Americans to be “ever vigilant” against the very violent extremism him and his party supported all summer. 

On Saturday, the Senate acquitted Trump by vote of 57-43 after he was wrongly impeached for the second time. The charge of inciting an insurrection was overwhelmingly disproven as Democrats were unable to prove Trump fomented the Capitol protests on Jan. 6. 

After trashing his predecessor , Biden fanned the flames of civil unrest by citing a “the uncivil war” afflicting the United States under Trump. He wrote, “And it’s a task we must undertake together. As the United States of America.”

Read Biden’s full statement below:

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