Crazed left-wingers continue to target the home and office of Trump’s lead impeachment attorney. The harassment began while the impeachment trial was still going on.

Michael Van der Veen’s Philadelphia home was vandalized late last week when a left-wing mob wrote “TRAITOR” across his driveway. Local police have increased their presence in the neighborhood as well. No arrests have been made. Van der Veen has since been forced to hire private security to watch over his home and protect his family. 

The wife of Michael Van der Veen called the police to report the incident, fearful of escalating violence. The attorney spoke briefly of the vandalism in an interview early this week.

“Our home is being attacked,” van der Veen outcried. “My entire family, my law firm, my business, my home are all under siege right now.” 

A gathering of left-wing hooligans gathered outside Van der Veen’s Philadelphia law office, screaming obscenities and chanting “CONVICT” repeatedly.  

The Senate voted to acquit Trump of the impeachment charge passed by the House in January accusing the former president of inciting a Jan. 6 riot in which hundreds of his supporters stormed the Capitol building. Van der Veen had argued in defense of Trump against the impeachment allegation 

Van der Veen canned the impeachment proceedings after Trump’s Saturday acquittal. He attacked the media for trying to divide the country while also taking the Democrat impeachment managers to task before abruptly ended the interview and walking away. Van der Veen exclaimed:

The events at the Capitol on January 6 are absolutely disturbing. What’s happening now at the Capitol is not too far behind that. The rioters in this case are the Democrats. The rioters in this case doctored evidence. I was shocked by what the defense team discovered. Shocked that we found this out and was able to expose it; I think we persuaded a lot of senators. The American people should not have to put up with this, they should take a good look at the who the House impeachment managers were and ask yourself if hey really represent what’s best for this county. 

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