The United States is getting back in bed the tyrannical leaders from the hub of global terrorism.

The freshman Secretary of State Anthony Blinken signaled a return to the negotiation table with Iran to hopefully reestablish one of the worst deals in American history – the Iran Nuclear Deal. Blinken informed European allies of his decision to reengage with the Iranians.  

Blinken, under Biden’s influence, along with E3 European countries, insist that Iran return to the nuclear development stipulation featured in the original deal. Blinken did not specify exactly what the Iranians would get in return. Perhaps another suitcase filled with over a billion dollars in cash? 

The E3 allies also asked Iran to follow “additional protocol” of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty starting February 23, which would demand Iran’s total cooperation with U.N. inspectors. Iranians have reportedly signaled agreement to this stipulation, but only if U.N. inspectors halted all unplanned visits to their nuclear reactor sites. 

After Trump pulled the U.S. from Obama’s nuclear deal, Iran has retaliated by increasing production of enriched uranium and metal. The current administration has voiced significant concern and demand the Iranians to return back to the 2015 agreement. 

The Iranian regime balked at the allies’ request with a demand of their own. “Instead of blaming on Iran, the Biden administration must immediately but an end to Trump’s legacy of economic terrorism against Iran,” their foreign minister said. 

Conservatives are growing concerned not only over the Biden administration’s move toward Iran, but also the joint negotiations America is having with China and Russia. This development signals a complete pivot from Trump’s foreign policy strategy which sought to maximize and priorities America’s interests with foreign leaders. 

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