A Second Amendment expert sounded the alarm on just how thoroughly President Biden plans to destroy American’s right to bear arms. 

The 2A pro believes Biden is using a “four-prong attack” to totally dismantle the second amendment.  

1. Required universal background checks

2. Ban on “assault weapons”

3. Ban on “high capacity” magazines

4. Launch legal and political attack on the firearms manufactures. 

Here Gottlieb is merely highlight Biden’s legislative agenda. This doesn’t even consider the possibilities on the executive level. Joe Biden’s propensity for executive orders will likely compel him to take anti-second amendment action that way as well. 

Last week called on Congress to immediately ban “assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines. Joe here using coded language to effectively call for the ban of most firearms since “high-capacity” basically refers to magazines with the ability to hold more than 10 bullets. 

Sources close to the White House reveal Biden and his team have already drafted a slue of executive orders severely restricting, or even destroying, the second amendment.  The White House confirmed this claim earlier this week when Press Sec. Psaki said there were a number of “executive actions” Biden is willing to take to enact “common sense” gun control reform. 

Gottlieb warned that another area of major concern was that Biden could try to sneak his gun control agenda into a separate must-pass piece of legislation, which he said is how former President Bill Clinton got his gun ban passed.

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