At the outset of the world-cripple pandemic, the American media performed summersaults to protect the communist nation of China. We knew the virus came from China. We knew that China worked to cover it up for months. We also knew that the World Health Organization cooperated with China to hide the severity of the virus. Yet, if you called the disease the “Wuhan flu” or “China virus” our media called you racist.

(That, by the way, was a talking point they got directly from China’s public affairs department.)

Americans and people around the world have suffered tremendously, thanks to this little gift from Wuhan. Yet few nations have bother to hold China accountable or even talk about how they are 100% guilty of inflicting this blight onto the world. The only person that really talked about it was Donald Trump.

But despite the massive attempts by our media and global establishment to ignore China’s role in this disaster, Americans are not fooled. Even now, investigations are underway to determine the exact cause of the devastating virus. While the world pretends like China is being an ally, Americans know better.

China is covering up instead of cooperating in international efforts to pinpoint the source of the COVID-19 pandemic, respondents said by an overwhelming 5-1 ratio in a new Just the News Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

A mere 11% in the poll of registered voters said China has “cooperated with international authorities and provided all relevant information concerning the origin of the coronavirus.”

In startling contrast, a whopping 55% of respondents said the communist-ruled nation has “refused to provide information and access to cover up its own role in the origin of the pandemic.” [Source: Just the News]

It’s pretty remarkable that, after so many months of propaganda trying to protect communist China, Americans largely believe they still lying and covering up the truth. And can you blame them? What has China done to help the crisis around the world? Under Trump, the United States sent PPE, ventilators, and other aid for foreign nations. We also helped provide vaccinations to other countries.

China has done nothing. Even the little help they sent out, doses of medication, were rejected by other countries, stating they were no good.

Instead, China has spent the last year hiding the facts and urging their puppets worldwide to push their narrative. The only reason our media continues to support the CCP is because they pump so much money into their corporations.
If our media even had a shred of integrity, they’d demand answers from the foreign nation. They wouldn’t have spent a year exploiting this crisis to push a political agenda.

Despite all that, Americans once again are not being fooled by the leftist MSM. They strongly believe China continues to refuse to cooperate, all to protect itself.

Now, if only our leaders got on board so we could actually hold that nation accountable.

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