There’s no stopping Donald Trump.

Former President Trump plans to reassert himself right in the heart of the Republican Party. After his devastating ‘defeat’ to Joe Biden in November, Trump is set to reestablish himself as the party’s leader.

The annual Conservative Political Action Committee is scheduled to make its first appearance in Trump’s home state of Florida this weekend. Trump has been given top billing for the event.

In his speech Trump plans to destroy the Biden administration’s current radical Left direction as well as assert his role as the de facto head of the Republican Parting going forward. 

The jury is still out whether Trump plans to run for president again in 2024. Sources close to the former president claim a White House bid is possible, but unlikely. Many confidants think he won’t make a final decision until the last minute, giving him leverage within the GOP. 

Let’s face it: Donald Trump IS the Republican Party. Every politician who’s attempted to break away from Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda has outed themselves as radical left, or a Republican RINO – both of which are completely unelectable on a national scale. 

An adviser close to Trump revealed the purpose of his speech is to assert dominance over those Republicans who have been increasingly critical after he left office. The former president wants to prove that he is still in charge despite having the White House and his Twitter account stolen from him. 

Trump plans to seek revenge on Republican Party officials who became hyper-critical of his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol protests. Advisers reveal Trump plans to vet all primary candidates before handing out endorsements.

Several GOP lawmakers and other ‘high-power’ Republicans have turned their backs on President Trump since the incident on Jan. 6. In most cases, those lawmakers received severe backlash from the Republican party in their home states. Senators Richard Burr, Bill Cassidy and Liz Cheney were all censured by their home parties after betraying the President. 

Cheney was the earliest and most fervent critic of Trump following the Jan. 6 protests. She faced immense backlash in her state as well as from prominent Republicans. While lawmakers demanded she be removed from her top-ranking committee positions, Cheney was ultimately rescued when the proposition was put to a vote. 

Former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley was also critical of Trump in a February profile of her in Politico. She said she was “disgusted” by Trump’s attacks on his then vice president, Mike Pence, on Jan. 6.

Haley later reached out to set up a meeting with Trump, but was wholly rejected after her Politico piece went wide. 

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