The success of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed has enabled millions of Americans to receive the coronavirus less than a year after the virus became known in the U.S. 

Despite that success Dr. Fauci is doing what he can to keep Americans locked in their homes and away from their families. 

On Tuesday, Fauci recommended Americans not to go out to eat or go to a theater, even after getting the coronavirus vaccine, and even after governors have begun lifting lockdown restrictions.

“Even if you’re vaccinated, there are activities in society you still should not do: for example, eating indoors, going to a theater, places where people congregate,” Fauci said.

Dr. Fauci claims his recommendations are to ensure the “safety of society.” 

While cases are on the decline, Fauci believes Americans still need to heavily restrict their daily activities due to the high amount of virus still left in the country. 

The doctor attempted to explain why vaccinated people should continue to wear masks, but instead just dissuading skeptical Americans from ever becoming vaccinated. Fauci believes vaccinated people can still “conceivably be infected” by the virus and have it in their nasopharynx, which is why he remains adamant about masks.

“We hope one day the data comes in and tells us virus levels in the country are so low it can no longer be transmitted,” he said.

Many have expressed concern over Fauci’s public messaging. They believe he is underselling the vaccine, making Americans less enthusiastic about getting it.

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