Once upon a time, Democrats considered themselves the “party of the people.” They were able to win big elections by appealing to Americans of all backgrounds and stripes. Democrats claimed to fight for working-class folks, minorities, labor unions, and the disenfranchised. In contrast, they spread the narrative that Republicans only cared about old, rich, white people.

My, how things have changed.

Is there are party more aligned with the rich elite than Democrats? They are consistently ignoring the needs of everyday Americans to cater to globalists, big corporations, and even foreign nations. And that’s not just conservative spin. Top labor unions that supported Joe Biden in 2020 were outraged when he killed 11,000 jobs (with more to come).

Democrats trashed Trump’s America first agenda, the kind of agenda their party championed for decades.

Now, a new report reveals just how much the parties are changing.

Republicans are “becoming the party of blue-collar Americans” so long as the party continues with a populist-nationalist agenda, new analysis reveals.

Overall, an NBC News survey finds, Republicans have gained 12 percentage points with working class Americans between 2010 and 2020 while losing one percentage point with Americans who hold white-collar jobs.

At the same time, Democrats have lost eight percentage points with blue-collar Americans and gained just one percent with white-collar Americans. [Source: Breitbart]

Republicans have gained 12 points among blue collar workers over the last ten years, thanks to their pro-America, populist agenda. Shockingly, Democrats are losing ground with working Americans. Their support has dropped by eight points.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone that’s been paying attention. During Trump’s time in office, he slashed taxes and regulation and ensured businesses big and small could hire more American workers. His reforms at the border made sure that companies were discouraged from hiring illegals over citizens.

Who opposed and slandered Trump every step of the way? Democrats, of course. Everything they want appears to hurt regular Americans (both blue and white collar) and help foreign nations and massive corporations.

What have Democrats done in recent years to benefit blue collar folks? During Trump’s administration, they wasted most of their time defying his agenda. They impeached him (twice) and refused to negotiate on major bills. All last year and into this year, Democrats have been the ones shutting down our states, denying Americans the chance to support their families.

The Democrats’ current agenda won’t help Americans, but put a massive tax burden on workers while providing nothing. In fact, Joe Biden’s COVID “relief” bill will pump billions into leftist causes, but do little to help Americans struggling to find work.

We shouldn’t be shocked to see these numbers continue to move in these directions. Republicans are in a good position to show America they care about workers, while Democrats continue to bow to the corrupt elites of the world.

Democrats can complain all they want, but what have they done for regular folks lately?

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