A Democratic lawmaker seems to be stirring the ‘pot’ with some of his stock purchases. 

According to a recent report, Dem Rep. John Yarmuth purchased stock in a number of cannabis companies.

Prior to his stock purchase, the Democrat co-sponsored a bill which eventually passed in the House, effectively decriminalizing marijuana on a federal level. 

After the 2020 election where the Democrats regained control of both Congressional chambers, Rep. Yarmuth increased his shares in the cannabis companies – as recently as Feb. 19th.

A spokesman for Yarmuth said the Democrat followed all House rules, claiming the stock purchases came after he came on board as a co-sponsor. 

In a leaked email, a source close to the congressman called his stock trades “politically reckless, unethical and potentially illegal.”

“There is no evidence Yarmuth is committing insider trading, but he is enriching himself by his own official actions,” the email continued.

Multiple states have made the push to legalize or decriminalize marijuana. On Monday, New Jersey became the thirteenth state to legalize recreational use of marijuana. South Dakota also passed legislation legalizing recreational use.

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