Joe Biden is known for two things: embarrassing gaffes and saying things that end up being not true. Throughout his career, he has been called out for making false statements, then apologizing without giving an explanation. His tendency to do this cost him previous presidential runs–and it seems to be hurting him already, one month into his administration.

In the runup to the January 6 Georgia runoffs, Joe Biden campaigned for the two Democrats. He promised voters that if they elected these men, then Democrats would get out $2,000 COVID relief payments right away. He said they would be passed “immediately,” going out the door to struggling families. That bribe appears to have resonated with many voters, who elected these far-left candidates.

But soon after, it became clear $2,000 checks were nowhere in sight. The best Biden’s freeloaders can look forward to is $1,400 checks, a supplement to the $600 payments some of them got months ago. As you can imagine, voters were no pleased.

Recently, a reporter as Biden about this one of many broken promises. This is how he responded.

Democrat President Joe Biden refused to answer a question from a reporter on Thursday about his unfulfilled promise last month that if Democrats won the Senate, he would have $2,000 stimulus checks going out the door “immediately.”

“Mr. President, whatever happened to your promise from 7 weeks ago that if Democrats [flipped] the Senate that checks were going out the door?” Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked. Biden refused to answer the question.

A few moments later, Doocy once again tried to ask Biden a question but was shouted down by Biden’s staff who called him out by name and said that it was time to go. [Source: Daily Wire]

Voters were quick to complain, even attack Biden, over his refusal to fulfill this promise. He said, point blank, that if Democrats were elected, the $2,000 checks would go out immediately. Not only are they not going out immediately, they will not be close to 2 grand.

The least Biden can do is explain why this is the case. He could say something like, “We wanted to send them out immediately, but hit a snag.” Or, “This is the most we can provide, right now.” Something!

But because Biden can’t blame Republicans for this, he says nothing. Democrats made it clear they would push their COVID plan without Republican support. They don’t even want to negotiate. But even then, they haven’t been able to get it passed in weeks. And they are not providing the $2,000 they promised. Republicans have nothing to do with it.

Biden doesn’t have a bogeyman to blame, so he just says nothing. That’s not good enough, Joe. You made a promise, you broke it. Now, you won’t even answer?

What kind of leader is that? What does this foretell about the future of our country?

I can’t say for sure. But I will say, we deserve a better leader than that.

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