Cyrus Vance, Manhattan District Attorney and virulent anti-Trump prosecutor, legally wrangled the former president’s tax returns from the IRS.

A subpoena for the tax documents was carried out earlier this week. State officials seized Trump’s personal information from longtime accounting firm, Mazars USA. 

The subpoena comes after a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court emboldened Vance to seize Trump’s financial records as part of a criminal investigation.  

The high court denied Trump’s request to put a hold on a lower court ruling from October which shielded his financial records. The ruling allowed the Democrat prosecutor to issue a subpoena against Mazars USA, demanding they hand over all of Mr. Trump’s financial data. 

Trump has kept his tax returns under wraps while in the White House and before while on the campaign trail, noting he’d be happy to release them once the IRS finished their audits. The Democrats hope the documents will reveal something sinister about Trump’s wealth and real estate holdings through his company, The Trump Organization. 

Trump’s legal team railed against Vance’s subpoena, claiming it was criminally “overbroad” and issued merely as a harassment tactic against the former president. 

Trump himself spoke out against the Supreme Court decision to allow New York prosecutors to go on a “fishing expedition” in order to take him down. 

“The investigation is further proof of and a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in American History” Trump said. 

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