A few weeks ago, Texas experienced a crippling winter chill. The frozen temperatures damaged the power grid, putting millions out in the cold. The state scrambled to bring power back online, as pipes froze, roads were closed, and stores were emptied. But the one question few people asked was, where is Joe Biden?

Had this happened during the Trump administration, things would have been different. The president would have surged aid to the state and shown unquestionable support for residents. Instead, Sleepy Joe did virtually nothing–ensuring the state was on its own.

Only after the state had fully recovered, did the Democrat bother to visit. You’d think, even then, he would provide support and encouragement to Americans suffering. Nope. Instead, surrounded by a flock of cronies, he couldn’t even finish a sentence.

Biden was in Houston to visit the area affected by last week’s deep freeze and appeared to have trouble reading his speech…

“Representatives, uh, Sheryl— Shirley Jackson Lee,” Biden said, flubbing the name of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX).

He continued, “Al Green, Sylvia Garcia, Lizzie Pinneli— excuse me, Pinell, and, uh, what am I doing here?” before looking down at the podium.

“I’m going to lose track here, and, uh, um— Mayor [Sylvester] Turner, Judge [Lina] Hidalgo, uh, thank you all for welcoming us,” Biden said. [Source: Breitbart]

Are you kidding me? This guy ignores Texas for weeks as they struggled to survive–and now he gives this kind of performance?

Is this guy even the president? Does he ever know where he is–at any time? The man couldn’t even read the names of Democrats, when they were printed right in front of him. He couldn’t even remember where he was and apparently, what he was doing here.

How are we supposed to believe he is actually making decisions at the White House? Not long ago, he had Kamala Harris talk with world leaders, something the president should be doing.

Does anyone really think a man that can’t talk is really calling the shots at the Oval Office?

This is the first proof that Biden is useless is a time of crisis. Texas was hammered with unprecedented temperatures, requiring assistance and leadership from our president. But because Biden doesn’t appear to be in charge, he did nothing. Whoever is actually making the decisions didn’t bother to look into Texas’s problems, compounding the struggles of the state.

What’s going to happen next? What if a crippling hurricane hits several states? What if there is a terrorist attack? What if war breaks out? Does anyone in the country believe Biden has what it takes to respond to any kind of problem?

Being Commander in Chief requires resolve, sharp wits, and unflaking vision. But long before the election, Biden appeared weak, incoherent, and confused. Today, it appears to be only getting worse.

This one episode doesn’t speak well of Biden’s leadership.

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