If not Trump, then who? That was the question asked in a straw poll at CPAC this weekend. 

Former President Trump swept the poll by wide margin, garnering 55% of the vote as to who should run in 2024. However, one candidate stood out amongst top GOP leaders. 

Governor Ron DeSantis came a – nearly – close second in the straw poll, earning 21% of the vote. This vote of confidence from conservatives comes after the Republican governor successfully tackled the coronavirus in his state without issuing tyrannical lockdown measures.  

Trump’s approval rating of 96% with the conservative crowd could not be beat. Another 95% said they wanted the former president to run for White House again, and to advance his America First agenda. 

Nonetheless, DeSantis earned top honor in a poll alongside President Trump. Overall, DeSantis netted 43% of the vote. Other Republicans who the CPAC crowd adored were South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and Donald Trump Jr., earning 11% and 8% of the vote respectively.  

The straw poll at CPAC is by no means scientific, but it does give a clear indication who’s favored amongst the GOP’s target audience. 

The results of the poll were released to cheers Sunday afternoon before Trump was to appear to give his speech, the first he’s made since leaving the White House. 

DeSantis has not mentioned any plans to run for the presidency in 2024. 

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