We’ve been following the ill-fated nomination of Neera Tanden since the Biden administration first picked her as OMB Director. Although cabinet nominees normally face a grilling in the Senate, it’s often only a matter of time before they are confirmed and start their new jobs. But that was not the case with Tanden.

The Democrat created her own problem, thanks to a history of picking fights online. Tanden, a liberal operative working out of D.C., became known for her vulgar and insulting attacks against politicians on Twitter. But it wasn’t just Republicans she called out. The woman didn’t seem to find a leader she didn’t like, to insult. She even attacked Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, the very man who wanted to hire her.

After being nominated, Tanden feverishly tried to delete thousands of tweets that revealed her bitter, divisive attitude. But the cat quickly got out of the bag, as senators hammered her over her reputation. Even Sen. Sanders called her out for her reportedly vicious attacks against himself and other colleagues.

Even though Tanden paid lip service to the Senate, apologizing for her long history of slander, it did not seem to be enough. The committee postponed further hearings with her, as numerous senators vowed not to vote for her. Now, the Biden administration is admitting defeat.

President Joe Biden accepted a withdrawal letter from OMB Director nominee Neera Tanden late on Tuesday after Tanden faced bipartisan opposition due to snide remarks that she made online toward Senators…

Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) announced last month that he would oppose her, meaning Tanden would need the support of at least one Republican to be confirmed in the evenly divided Senate.”

Online, Twitter users who helped resurface some of her old tweets cheered, with one popular Twitter account writing: “Shout-out @neeratanden. You can’t see this because you blocked me, but I want you to know, it was truly an honor and a pleasure sinking your OMB nomination.” [Source: Daily Wire]

In this day and age, so-called “cancel culture” has cost the jobs and livelihoods of many people. Often, people face backlash when a handful of tweets or comments resurface, sparking outrage by the “woke” mob. This might be the only time when that culture actually produced good results, by exposing the shocking amount of hate exhibited by a potential White House staffer.

In reality, Tanden is not a victim of the woke mob or outraged conservatives trying to take her down. She simply faced the consequences of years of using Twitter as a bully pulpit. She thought she was immune when she slandered, insulted, and criticized just about everyone. But, as it turns out, you just can’t say anything and expect to get away with it.

What’s really shocking about this turn of events is that the Biden administration still wants this woman to serve in some capacity. She insulted Joe Biden when she was working with Hillary Clinton—yet the buffoon still wants her around? That must be proof that Joe is asleep at the wheel and other political forces are calling the shots.

Because to want this kind of person to contribute to your administration, you really have to be crazy.

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