Let’s be honest for a moment, here. From the very start of his presidential bid, Joe Biden has avoided exposure to the public. Sure, he milked the pandemic to stay inside, releasing video and appearing online. But we all know the facts. Joe Biden avoided large events, rallies, and giving long speeches for a reason.

You just have to watch the few speeches he did give to know what.

But it seems like Joe—or the people handling him—thought he could stay hidden once he entered office. Don’t you think it’s unusual that after a month in the White House, we’ve seen very little of Biden? The early days of an administration are marked by endless meetings, events, appearances, and speeches.

Yet Biden hasn’t even committed to giving his address to the Joint Sessions of Congress, something required by our Constitution.

On top of that, Joe hasn’t given a solo press conference since entering office. And even liberals are starting to notice.

Pressure is mounting on President Joe Biden to hold a solo press conference after he has set a modern-day record of 42 days without holding one.

Even left-wing publications like CNN are calling out Biden for his lack of transparency, with host Jake Tapper tweeting: [CNN reporter Kevin Liptak] notes that an analysis of the past 100 years shows President Biden’s 15 most recent predecessors all held a formal solo press conference within 33 days of taking office. Biden has not and it’s day 42.”…

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel also called out Biden for the lack of transparency.

“It’s been 42 days and Joe Biden still refuses to hold a press conference,” McDaniel said. “Why is he so afraid of answering questions?” [Source: Daily Wire]

We know why he is afraid of answering questions. Because, when left on his own, Joe Biden cannot finish a complete thought. Even with a pre-written speech, or questions given to him in advance, Biden gives a poor performance. Often he is forgetful, confused, angry, and slurs his words. Many worried he was suffering mental decline back on the campaign trail. That sort of thing doesn’t get better, especially when you start the most stressful job on the planet.

Even his office can’t handle basic tasks given to them. Just look at how his press secretary is handling the job. Her team was doing such a bad job, they tried to get the press’s questions vetted before briefings.

If they can’t handle the softball coverage of the liberal media, Joe Biden certainly can’t either.

When Biden does make appearances, someone else is always close back to cover his shortfalls. Either his wife, Harris, or another person is ready to step in… as if they are helping their grandpa put on pants.

Don’t we deserve a president that can actually finish his sentences? And if he’s totally fine, then why can’t he hold a press conference?

I’m sure most of America would like an answer to that.

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