A recent poll found that a majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s policies in his first few days in office.

President Biden was swift to tear down Trump’s immigration policies, push transgenderism in schools and kill the crucial Keystone XL pipeline project. So what does the American Public think of all this?

55 percent of Americans were found to disfavor Biden’s order which required schools to allow transgendered ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ in sports. The same percentage was found to disapprove of Biden’s decision to reduce the deportations of illegally present people in the United States.

53 percent of Americans disapproved of Biden’s block on the Keystone XL pipeline, and 47 percent were found to disapprove of the end of construction of Trumps border wall.

And lastly a vast majority, 64 percent believed strongly that the January 6th Capitol riot is now being abused by politicians in order “to suppress legitimate political movements,” the same number agreed that the new cancel culture posed “a threat to our freedom”

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