A controversial Twitter thread was posted by Rep. Sheila J. Lee (D-TX) recently in which she tried to convince the public of the unfairness in prosecution of Antifa rioters versus the arrests made after the Capitol riot of January 6th.

Her tweets claimed that “a thousand people” had been arrested in Portland in the course of 5 months, people who only wanted “good things to happen.” And she contrasted it with the 300 people who were “barely arrested” for an assault on the Capitol.

While initial allegations from federal prosecutors claimed that the Capitol rioters were attempting to assassinate elected officials, Michael Sherwin, U.S. Attorney for D.C. dismissed the claims on January 15th when he said that there was no “evidence of kill capture teams.”

Compared with the riots in Portland, a federal courthouse was held under siege for over a month, forcing President Trump to eventually reinforce it with federal officers who endured nightly attacks.

In Portland, dozens of police officers died as well as several bystanders. A far more deadly series of events than the Capitol riot where five people lost their lives.

Sheila Jackson Lee was quickly beset upon for her statements. One user offered that her thread “might be the dumbest… I have ever read,” adding that they were “not [surprised] given the source.”

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