Last week, after this year’s CPAC, you would have been able to easily watch Donald Trump’s comeback speech online. In fact, numerous channels on YouTube had the speech in full—which ran for about 48 minutes. But then, over the last few days, something strange has happened.

A search for the speech yields only clips, just a few minutes long, of certain parts of the speech. Most of these clips were made by large, left-leaning, MSM outlets. Full videos of the speech are nowhere to be found (except, of course, the one hosted by CNN’s channel, which is buried in the search results). Were these videos deleted? Are they being hidden by YouTube?

We now know the answer—from one network that has been targeted by the video provider. Apparently, YouTube demands that Trump’s speech be either censored, altered, or taken down. Anyone that refuses will be blacklisted from the site.

The Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), a conservative news broadcaster, received a two-week suspension from YouTube because it covered President Donald Trump’s speech at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

The video nearly accumulated 4 million views before being censored by the Google-owned platform.

The official Twitter account of RSBN reported the news…

“We enforce our Community Guidelines consistently, regardless of speaker or political leaning. In accordance with our established presidential election integrity policy, which prohibits content uploaded after the safe harbor deadline claiming widespread fraud changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, we removed this video from Right Side Broadcasting Network,” said a YouTube spokeswoman. [Source: Breitbart]

Free speech and freedom of thought are clearly dead at YouTube. They have created a “policy” that prohibits anyone from saying the 2020 election was stolen by voter fraud. During Trump’s speech, he spoke about this of course. YouTube is so scared of people spreading this idea, that they demand their channels counter Trump’s argument themselves—or face censorship.

Why would YouTube do this? Is it their job to decide what actually happened during the election? Their policy sounds more like an attempt by a left-wing company to protect its party propaganda. Anyone that challenges their narrative of the election is somehow an enemy of the country.

This has been going on among social networks since the election, but they’ve gotten bolder since the January 6 riot. Democrats are using the event as an excuse to censor free speech. After all, they can accuse you of trying to “incite” a riot now, if you say that the election was stolen by massive voter fraud.

The policy in and of itself is pathetic. RSBN would have been allowed to keep the video up if they had posted a comment to “say everything Trump just said about election fraud is not true.” Would that have really convinced viewers? Would viewers believe the word of CNN or RSBN (had they done this) over President Trump?

I don’t think so. And by censoring this content, YouTube only makes it more important and necessary for people to find it. It’s like casting a tremendous spotlight on it, encouraging people to find it online.

So, good job, YouTube. You are helping prove Trump’s point.

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