Once a liberal hero, Andrew Cuomo’s fall from grace has been jarring.

The befallen governor finally addressed the sexual assault allegations against him in a somber press conference. The governor “promised to do better” and apologized for any pain he’s caused.

Still no apology for the families who’s loved ones met their untimely deaths as a result of Cuomo’s nursing home policies.

Cuomo’s apology comes after three women accused him of unwanted kissing, touching and lewd remarks. The governor has since backtracked from his initial public regret, claiming a kiss is merely a form of greeting. He believes no one was offended by is “greetings” at the time.

“I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable and I understand that now,” stated the New York governor. “It was unintentional and I truly and deeply apologize for it.”

Cuomo went on to urge the importance of due process.

“Wait for the facts. I ask the people to make a decision after you have the facts,” he continued.

Cuomo’s change of tune since last week is palpable. In a statement released by his office, the Governor claimed his actions were meant to be “silly and “playful”. After much liberal backlash, Cuomo has been forced to seriously address his “predatory behavior”.

Despite the growing pressure to resign from Conservatives and Progressives alike, Gov. Cuomo confirmed he not voluntarily step down.

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