As deranged as the Progressive Democrats are, this proposal takes the cake. 

Far-Left House Democrats attempted to amend Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Voting Rights’ bill to lower the voting age from 18 to 16. Their proposal was unsuccessful. 

The vote on the amendment failed by a vote of 125 in favor and 302 against.

Many Democrats sided with Republicans on the voting age amendment, but House Republicans still could not prevent the bill’s passing. The overall bill passed 220-210, mostly along party lines.  

Republicans have railed against most of the ultra-progressive provisions in the bill, namely one that allows felons to vote after they’ve been released from prison. The GOP also voiced their concern over an automatic voter registration provision that would add those on government assistance programs to the voter roll.  

House Republicans maintain that “this bill is a dubious path on which they wish to embark, and if we do not stop it again it will become increasingly difficult to depart to a better road that actually restores trust in America.”

Rep. Ayanna Pressley, prominent ‘Squad’ member and proponent of lowering the voting age, claims “sixteen-year-olds possess maturity and wisdom that comes from challenges faced in 2021.” 

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