Does Biden and his crackpot team at the White believe the Coronavirus vaccine appeared out of thin air? Or do they just want all of the credit?

Jen Psaki, White House Press Sec., balked at even the slightest mention of giving Former President Trump credit for the medical breakthrough that is the COVID vaccine. Psaki is clinging on to hope that the mainstream press will simply forget about the stunning logistical and medical advancements made off by the Trump administration.

“When a half million people have died during this pandemic I don’t think anyone deserves credit,” Psaki said, when asked by a reporter if Trump deserved credit for “laying the groundwork” for vaccine distribution.

Psaki relayed that Biden’s main mission is to increase the amount of vaccine and vaccinators currently in circulation.

“All data points to the fact that there weren’t enough of anything when Biden took office,” Psaki said through her teeth. 

One quick look at the data and it will show you on President Trump’s last day in office his team delivered over 1.5 million doses of the vaccine. These doses come less than a year after the virus was discovered in the United States. 

The very first vaccine shot was administered on December 14, just 37 days earlier.

Almost two months into his administration and Biden is averaging about 2 million doses of vaccine delivered per day. Distribution levels peaked at 2.4 million right as Joe assumed office.  

Biden has been a vocal critic of Trump’s vaccine distribution plan, and has received a lot of backlash for it. Former Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services Admiral Brett Giroir scoffed at Biden’s insistence that Trump was unprepared. 

For months now, the Trump administration has established multiple vaccine administration sites. Vaccines were distributed nationwide in record time, a mere 48 hours after its FDA approval. 

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