Joe Biden is enforcing a code of silence for senior officials familiar with the disaster currently underway on the southern border. The rule forbids any senior DHS officials from speaking with reporters about the border crisis. 

Due to the order, border officials close to the matter are speaking out under the condition of anonymity.  “The situation on the border, and with media relations, is night and day compared to the Trump administration, the anonymous official said. “We have been ordered not to speak on the immigration crisis and have been told to leave public relations up to the White House press staff.”

The nature of the verbal order implies no end in site as nothing has been written down or “officially” ordered from the President. It comes as Joe Biden’s administration struggles to maintain the media narrative surrounding the immigration crisis on the southern border. 

Border communities are struggling with the rapid release of illegal immigrants – some COVID positive. Even those within Biden’s team are critical of the President’s immigration policies. 

The verbal order was directed through Department of Homeland Security channels in an effort to prevent top officials from shedding light on the ever-growing border disaster. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Biden’s director of the Domestic Policy Council, Susan Rice, made an secret visit to many border towns in Texas to examine the damage for themselves. 

Members of the press were not allowed to be present during the delegation’s visit to Border Patrol stations and a Health and a Human Services unaccompanied children’s detention facility.

According to a source close to the DHS, Secretary Mayorkas prohibited media presence to prevent even the possibility of showing overcrowded migrant facilities. 

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