You have probably been wondering why Democrat got behind Joe Biden as president. You’ve probably been wondering that for a long time. And it’s obvious why we normal people are confused.

Joe Biden is not the kind of leader that inspires people. He was a gaffe-making buffoon back when Obama was president. He was one of the oldest candidates running in the Democratic primaries. There were many more younger, smarter, and energetic candidates. But the party conspired that sabotage them all to prevent Bernie Sanders from winning—so that Biden could take the crown.

But nothing we’ve seen some Biden, before and after the election, suggests he has a vision for the country. The formerly moderate Democrat is pushing radical left-wing policy, simply because the party is telling him to. On top of that, it doesn’t seem like he’s up to the challenge of running the country. He goes to bed early and turfs many jobs to Harris.

And signs of his mental decline are only getting worse. What are Democrats going to do with a man who can’t even talk straight?

One longtime liberal adviser seems to know the answer: just get rid of him.

Former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris predicted Democrats would invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Joe Biden from office.

According to Morris, Democrats have been “working on laying the basis” to invoke the 25th Amendment partly because Biden is becoming increasingly “senile.”

“And to add to that, another piece of the puzzle, in October, Nancy Pelosi introduced a bill to set up a commission to invoke the 25th Amendment… it’s pretty clear to me that I think she also had Biden in mind. And I believe that what’s going on now is that the left-wing of the Democratic Party, particularly some of the minorities, are working on laying the basis for invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Biden. And as he gets more and more senile … I think momentum for that will increase.” [Source: Breitbart]

Morris did not shy away from saying what Democrats have refused to say for a while now: that Joe Biden is becoming “senile.”

Now, conservatives have been saying that for a long time. Of course, we are willing to use modern terms like “mental decline” or “dementia,” unlike Morris. But the sentiment is the same. Joe Biden’s mental faculties appear to be rapidly declining. And this Clinton adviser believes Democrats are already laying the groundwork to remove him.

According to the 25th Amendment, a president can’t be “removed” from office. It simply provides a way for an unwell president to resign, handing the presidency over to the vice president. Congress, however, can create legislation under the 25th Amendment to remove the president, but once again, any legislation has to be signed into law by the president. Meaning, this move can only work if Biden is in agreement.

Will Biden reach a point where he has no choice but to step down? Will Democrats try to find a way to get rid of him and put Harris into the office?

It doesn’t really matter. Biden or Harris, but are leftist puppets who will rubber-stamp the globalist agenda. The only hope for Americans is if Congress is flipped in 2022.

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