Joe Biden celebrated ‘International Women’s Day’ on Monday by doing what he does best: signing radically liberal Executive Orders. His latest orders officially establish a White House gender policy council.

The council will include a staff of four, three of whom will hold the title of special assistant to the president.

Watch Joe Biden’s complete address:

The council’s purpose is to work across the federal government to identify ways in which women can better succeed. The goal is to identify and eliminate “inequality” in government departments that prevent women from equal wages or being discriminated against in the work place. 

Biden’s second order directs the Department of Education to re-assess the Trump administration’s policies on Title IX, the law which was wildly abused by liberal Democrats to justify Critical Race Theory as a teaching strategy. 

The Trump administration scrapped numerous Obama-era Title IX policies, namely the infamous “transgender bathroom policy”. Biden’s Executive Order directs his officials to ensure these policies currently meet the Woke ethos of America today.

The Obama administration had a White House Council on Women and Girls. The new gender council reflects the idea, one official said, that gender discrimination can happen to people of all genders.

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