After pushing to Defund the Police, New York City’s first lady Chirlane McCray is encouraging residents to police themselves. 

The wife of a Communist took to her twitter as Anti-Asian hate crimes, along with many other acts of violence, skyrocket under her husband’s tenure:

Little did everyone know, McCray likens herself a self-defense instructor. She issued followup tweets to inform New Yorkers of her strategy to police crime themselves. The First Lady calls it her ‘5’s Strategy’:   “Distract, Delegate, Document, Delay, and Direct.”

McCray’s tweets come after the nationwide craze to Defund the Police as a result of George Floyd’s untimely death last Spring. 

When asked about a world with no police officers, McCray said, “That would be like a nirvana, a utopia that we are nowhere close to getting to.”

Mayor de Blasio in turn stripped the NYPD of over $1 billion last year in an effort to meet the anti-police outcry sweeping the nation at the time. The Mayor also removed the controversial plainclothes unit of the NYPD. 

McCrays tweets in the midst of some of New York City’s bloodiest years. Murders are up nearly 40% compared to 2018, shootings have skyrocketed, and bodega robberies are on the rise just this month. 

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