Poor Joe Biden. It seems he didn’t know that being president required to actually do some work. Since he’s entered office, we’ve seen very little of him. His first month was marked by very little of the ceremony and celebration typical of a new administration. He even was absent from press conferences and other public appearances.

I think his administration is beginning to realize that to be president, you have to be seen by the country. That’s a problem for a man who can’t finish sentences and had a reputation for flubbing questions long before his apparent dementia. So, his handlers are trying to make things appear “business as usual,” without actually letting Joe talk.

He made an appearance at a local hardware store to, you know, have one of those meaningless photo ops for the mindless public. Of course, he didn’t go to Middle America or somewhere he needs to muster support. Instead, he went to a hardware store… in Washington, D.C. Oh, didn’t want to travel far, huh Joe? I guess you need to get to bed early.

But even then, when someone wanted to ask Joe a basic question, they were denied with prejudice.

An aide for President Joe Biden shouted over reporters who were trying to ask the president questions on Tuesday as the president visited a local hardware store in Washington, D.C., which comes a day after the president appeared to forget the name of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin…

After Biden’s visit to the store, which lasted several minutes, reporters tried to ask the president questions, at which point someone started shouting over them that it was time to go and they needed to move out, thus blocking the reporters from asking Biden questions. One reporter was trying to ask Biden a question about his “crisis at the border.” [Source: Daily Wire]

You know, it really instills confidence in the country at a time of crisis, when the president’s handlers frantically yell at the press. The people who really run the White House are so scared of what Joe might say, they have to make embarrassing stunts like this, just to intervene.

Why is are they so scared of the President of the United States talking to the media? That’s a big part of the job. Yet his people won’t let him do anything that isn’t carefully scripted (let’s be honest, even the scripted stuff rarely goes over well).

Even his appearance at the store was short and pointless. The White House wants us to think everything’s normal, but their staged events only raise more concerns.

Is Joe really in charge? Can he answer just a few simple questions? Why can’t the leader of the country decide for himself if he should interact with the press?

These are all legitimate concerns many Americans have. And the longer they ignore them, the louder we’ll become.

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