Six Women. 

A sixth woman has come forward with allegations that Gov. Andrew Cuomo behaved inappropriately toward her. The victim claims the disgraced governor touched her sexually in the Governor’s Mansion without her consent. 

The Albany Times-Union, largely a pro-Cuomo newspaper, broke the story when the victim relayed her accusation to the attorney general’s office. The sixth women has asked to remain anonymous as she still may be employed within the Executive Chamber. 

A group of independent lawyers has been tasked to review the allegations against Cuomo per Attorney General Letitia James order. Joon Kim, former acting U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, and employment lawyer Anne Clark will undertake the investigation.

Cuomo has denied touching anyone “inappropriately,” but says that he’s “so sorry” about the sexual assault allegations. 

New York lawmakers have privately debated joining the calls for Cuomo’s resignation, or wait until the conclusion of the independent investigation. 

On Monday, a group of 21 women in the State Assembly asked that AG James be given enough time to complete her investigation. 

The group included the second ranking state Democrat in New York after the State Senate Majority Leader called for Cuomo’s resignation. 

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