In a bipartisan move, the Senate voted to confirm Merrick Garland to Biden’s cabinet as U.S. Attorney General.

Garland solidified his new role on Wednesday when he officially resigned as U.S. Circuit Court Judge.

Merrick Garland won the favor of mostly every sitting Senator, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who voted against his confirmation to U.S. Supreme Court. 

Garland seems to receive bipartisan support from the day his nomination was announced. Earlier this month, the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced his nomination by a 15-7 vote. 

His first order of business will be to oversee the criminal proceedings related to the Capitol protests of Jan. 6. Garland is expected to roll back many key Trump-era policies as well. 

Most importantly, Garland will now oversee the inquiry into Operation Hurricane – the FBI mission to falsely charge Donald Trump with a conspiratorial collaboration with the Russians – headed by special counsel John Durham. 

As head of the Justice Department, Merrick Garland will be in charge of the investigation of Joe Biden’s defamed son, Hunter. 

Democrats praised Garland as highly qualified, independent, and committed to judicial equality.

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