Secretary of State Blinken announced he will meet with top officials in the Chinese regime next week. The meeting is planned to be held in … Alaska. The sit-down comes after Blinken’s first overseas trip to U.S. allies Japan and South Korea. 

Blinken will be joined by White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan. The duo will meet with Communist leaders Diplomat Yang Jiechi and Councillor Wang Yi. 

The state department refused to disclose any details but mentioned the two sides would discuss a “range of issues.” 

Chinese President Xi Jinping warned Biden confrontation between the two countries would be a “disaster” following a contentious phone call early in the presidency. White House officials admitted both Biden and Xi appeared at odds on most issues brought up in the call. This comes as surprise for some given the Biden’s administration’s soft approach on most atrocities coming out of China. 

Blinken informed reporters of his intentions to press the Chinese officials on human rights issues in Xianjing, Tibet, and Hong Kong. 

Earlier this week, a spokesman for the State Department refused to acknowledge the Uyghur genocide currently underway in China. 

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