We all know it was going to happen. Almost immediately after Biden entered the White House, he rolled back nearly every policy Trump put into place to protect the border. He ended construction on the border wall. Stopped ICE from deporting criminal aliens. Ended the “remain-in-Mexico” policy. And he started talking about giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

Anyone with half a brain could have told you what was going to happen next.

In less than two months, the situation at our border is out of control. Once empty detention centers are overwhelmed. The CBP had to close their highway checkpoints in Arizona, just so they had the manpower to manage the border. Texas has been forced to launch its own operation, spending valuable resources, to make sure the state was overrun with invaders.

It’s clear Biden’s knee-jerk decisions have endangered the entire country. Yet, despite his massive failure, neither he nor his administration is willing to even acknowledge what’s going on. Of course, the liberal media is happy to cover for them.

President Joe Biden’s administration continues struggling to respond to the border crisis, as the White House remains unprepared to answer the most basic questions about what is going on and how they plan to handle it…

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki dodged several questions from reporters about the border crisis, refusing even to confirm the latest reports of over 3,200 unaccompanied minors detained at the border…

She was also unable to say whether the Biden administration under Health and Human Services would open more facilities to process the unaccompanied minors in detention…

The White House sent a handful of officials on a secret trip to the border on Saturday, who reassured reporters afterward they participated in “operational briefings, updates, and tours of the facilities” and would be briefing the president about the “challenges” on the border. [Source: Breitbart]

These idiot Democrats think they can erase all their troubles by calling the crisis a “challenge.” No, a “challenge” is when you can’t find your shoes under the bed when you’re running late for work. When thousands of illegal aliens—including 3,200 children—are storming the border, you have a crisis.

These migrants are being told that they can come to American, ignore our laws, and be given homes and jobs—by immigration activists in other countries. The Biden administration has encouraged even more, with their haphazard changes to immigration policy. Clearly, they had no plan in plan to account for the surge of aliens that would come after Biden took over.

What did they think would happen? That desperate people, who were lied to about coming, would just wait their turn?

Biden and Democrats were totally blind to the problems of immigration for years. They refused to work with Trump to make lasting changes and reform a broken system. Yet they thought it would all work easily, once Trump left?

These guys are dumber than we thought!

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