Most Americans are more than happy to move on from the China virus pandemic. Many states have very few restrictions. Some have opened up entirely, dropping all pretenses that these rules did anything to help. Disneyland will be packed this Spring Break and the last thing people want to talk about is “slowing the spread.”

But dammit, COVID got Joe Biden elected—and he’s not going to stop talking about it anytime soon!

Democrats’ entire approach to leadership is finding a problem, making it much worse, and using it as an excuse to grab power. Biden knows he wouldn’t be in office without the pandemic, so he’s going to keep milking it until there’s nothing left to milk.

In his speech last night (no judgment if you didn’t watch it), he focused entirely on the virus. He took credit for Trump’s vaccines. And he gave a direct threat to Americans who just want to live their lives. Taking a shot of opened states, he said we might have to go back to lockdowns if we don’t obey him.

During his address, Biden threatened to reinstate lockdowns if people “don’t stay vigilant,” and warned that there will be things that people “cannot do once fully vaccinated.”…

“In the coming weeks, we will issue further guidance on what you can and cannot do once fully vaccinated to lessen the confusion, to keep people safe, and encourage more people to get vaccinated,” Biden later added. “And, finally, fifth, and maybe most importantly, I promise I will do everything in my power. I will not relent until we beat this virus.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Uh… Joe? The virus is already beaten. At least, as beaten as much as any virus can be beaten. There’s no such thing as 100% immunity from a disease. That’s why every year, people get sick from colds and the flu. If your definition of beating COVID means three vaccinations, a mountain of effective therapeutics, and declining cases and hospitalizations, we’re already there.

But if Joe’s definition of “beating” it is zero new infections, then we’ll never win. And Joe’s just fine with that.

I find it hilarious that Biden thinks he can threaten free Americans with “more” lockdowns. Hey idiot! You didn’t lock America down in the first place. The regulation of COVID lockdown measures was decided by the states—who continue to decide if they should reopen or not. The president, neither Trump nor Biden, has the power to just shut down the country.

What’s so ironic is that everyone can see that lockdowns and masks did nothing to help. The virus simply had to run its course. Treatments, vaccines, and herd immunity is what is contributing to the decline we’ve been seeing since January. Joe Biden can’t take any credit for that.

So, he pretends like his “top priority” is beating the virus. And he wants Americans to “help” him by hiding in their homes, avoiding friends and loved ones, and living in constant fear of something they have no control over.

Biden is no leader. He’s just a puppet, propped up by a dying narrative that nobody wants anymore.

Let him threaten us all he wants. Americans are not going back.

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