Joe Biden signed the multi-trillion-dollar Coronavirus spending bill into law Thursday – just one day ahead of the scheduled Friday signing. 

The forgetful President was forced to read a celebratory statement from a small postcard sitting on his desk.

“I’m signing this historic legislation to build back the backbone in this country,” Biden rattled off. 

Immediately after signing, Biden and his cohort Kamala Harris abruptly got up and left the oval office. 

They refused to respond to reporters who shouted questions as the duo departed.

Before leaving, though, Biden unveiled a piece of news privy to no one at the time — the Biden administration is “hitting the road.” Apparently the First and Second families will be traveling across the country in an attempt to “sell America” on the benefits of the massive spending bill.

Biden later claimed the bill was “widely supported by Republicans and Independents” despite not one House Republican voting for the measure. 

The ultra-partisan bill was forced through in the Senate by budget reconciliation as to avoid Republican filibuster. 

On Saturday, Biden reiterated Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders’ words, claiming the bill is “the most progressive bill he’s ever seen passed.”

Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” is chock-full of spending unrelated in any way to the pandemic. In fact, $320 billion goes toward bailing out cities Democrats have nearly bankrupted. 

On Friday, he plans to celebrate the passage of the bill with Democrats at the White House.

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