It’s no secret that the Biden administration is prioritizing radical, left-wing “environmental” policy. He killed off thousands of jobs to placate the green mob. Biden ended the Keystone XL Pipeline and suspended drilling on federal lands, all because hippies who hate industry and families putting food on the table said so.

I guess you can say that Biden’s administration, including members of his cabinet, care so much about the earth that they’d end jobs to protect it. That kind of devotion would mean they’d go out of their way to protect the environment, right?

Nope. Because one of Biden’s top staffers, a man who has frequently talked about the environment, went out of his way to pollute the air. No joke, he did.

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has called into question his commitment to both public transportation and climate change in a single act last week…

Buttigieg arranged to pick up a bicycle outside of a pizza restaurant in the Petworth neighborhood of Washington, D.C. But instead of taking the D.C. Metro, the city’s subway system, which runs directly from the Department of Transportation to the location in Petworth, “a straight shot up the Green Line and back,” Buttigieg was driven and escorted by a “convoy of at least four government SUVs spewing deadly carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.” [Source: Just the News]

Wow. Isn’t this just the perfect illustration of the left’s total hypocrisy on the environment? Pete wanted to be seen as a “green” leader by buying a used bike. We can assume he would use this bike to get around D.C.—perhaps take it on bike rides with his husband (when the cameras were around, of course).

But when he didn’t think anyone was watching, he took an escort of at least four SUVs to help him pick up the bike.

This guy is supposed to be in charge of public transportation. Yet he didn’t bother taking the train to get this bike and riding it back. No, he had an unnecessary number of SUVs pull up with him.

We can’t say this was a matter of security. Are security agents unable to board a subway train? Why wasn’t Pete seen riding on the very mode of transportation he is supposedly supporting?

This isn’t new for Pete. During the 2019 primaries, he spent “hundreds of thousands of dollars” on private jets. In fact, he spent more than any other Democratic candidate. Dang, kid. Haven’t you ever heard of the ozone layer?

This is the same “Mayor Pete” who was embroiled in corruption scandals back home. A mayor who was hated by this city over his mismanagement and incompetence.

Now, thanks to Joe Biden, the entire country gets to experience the same thing!

I wonder if he’ll ever bother to ride that back at all?

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