Far-Left Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has vowed to fight the ongoing effort to remove him from office. 

Opponents of Newsom’s have successfully collected over 2 million signatures needed to force a recall vote. March 17th was their deadline. This milestone will likely cause California residents to decide Newsom’s fate. 

The recall group collected well over the required 1.5 million signatures as to account for any fraud that may have occurred. California’s Secretary of State has confirmed the group has reached the required 1.5 million legitimate signatures. 

Governor Newsom was finally forced to address the recall efforts:

Gavin brought in the “big guns” eliciting the help from high ranking Democrat lawmakers like Sen. Elizabeth Warren:

Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and other top Democrats have voiced their support for the fledging governor. 

Despite support from party big wigs, Newsom’s fate remains bleak. His approval rating took a nosedive this winter following ongoing, and often unscientific, coronavirus restrictions. It didn’t help that he was caught dining at one of California’s ritziest restaurants with well-connected lobbyists either. 

According to a poll released on Monday, several Republicans and Democrats have shown interest in running to replace him.

In his “State of the State” address last week, Newsom admitted his wrongdoings, but expressed optimism for California. 

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