Joe Biden has changed his mind, gone back on his word, and flat-out lied to the migrants hoping to take advantage of his loose border policies. 

The sitting president sat down with Fake News icon George Stephanopoulos for an interview set to air this week. 

When asked if he believed it was a “mistake” that his administration did not anticipate an immigration surge after the 2020 election, Biden gave a typical waffling answer. 

Instead of taking responsibility for the mess his administration has created, Biden instead pointed to past surges on the southern border, specifically the influx of caravans from Central and South America during Trump’s presidency. He did, however, reveal this surge “might be the worse one yet.” 

Biden largely dismissed critics that claim he welcomed the influx of illegal immigration through his soft border policies. “Here’s the deal: we’re turning people away and sending them back,” he added. 

Then the big question was asked: 

“Do you have to say quite clearly, ‘don’t come?'”

Thousands of migrant children are arriving at the border and are being placed in various warehouse facilities and tent camps. The White House refuses to admit the overwhelming surge a “crisis.”

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