When Joe Biden entered office, he began signing a mountain of controversial executive orders. The forty-plus orders all seemed designed at doing one thing: reversing President Trump’s orders from over the last four years.

This was the real reason leftists put Joe into office, to overturn the progress an America-first president made. After signing that record number of orders, Joe disappeared for a long time. He has rarely appeared in public since then.

Perhaps the worst order he signed ended the definition Keystone XL pipeline, a major project Trump fought to approve. The project would have safely carried crude oil from Canada to the U.S. and provide numerous jobs.

Many people were outraged over this idiotic move, both in the country and abroad. Yet Biden has not even bothered to comment on it. Now, 21 states are making sure he feels their pain.

Twenty-one states have filed a lawsuit against Democrat President Joe Biden over his controversial canceling of the Keystone XL pipeline, a decision that has sparked pushback even from Democrats who are not far-left on energy policy.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, alleges that Biden has exceeded his presidential authority by canceling the pipeline on his first day in office, a move that even angered Canada…

“The President lacks the power to enact his “ambitious plan” to reshape the economy in defiance of Congress’s unwillingness to do so.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The lawsuit argues that Joe Biden overstepped his authority when he canceled the pipeline. The fate of the pipeline was laid out in a bill from 2011, that required then-President Obama to approve or reject the pipeline in 60 days. Obama rejected the company’s application, but encouraged them to reapply.

Obama rejected it again, only for Trump to approve it. By the time Biden entered office, he had no authority to cancel what had already been approved. There is no stipulation in any legislation that granted Biden authority to interfere with this project. But he did it anyway.

That, at least, is the argument of this lawsuit. Twenty-one attorneys general will be calling on the courts to decide if Biden violated the law when he canceled the pipeline’s permit. One of the attorneys claimed that only Congress can regulate “foreign and interstate commerce,” not the president.

Beyond the legal ramifications of the decision, by killing the pipeline, Joe made it clear he cares more about radical environmentalists than he does the American people. That pipeline (and other projects he killed), represented not only jobs but energy independence for our country. It would ensure enough power to help Americans survive. By cutting it off, Joe made it much harder for Americans to heat their homes, gas up their cars, and go to work.

But it’s pretty clear that the last thing Biden cares about is helping people get back to work.

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