The Biden administration is desperate to conceal the crisis currently underway at the southern border. 

Biden has forced top Homeland Security officials under gag order, forbidding them to speak to members of the press about the situation as it unfolds. 

In contrast to the current nightmare, the Trump administration remained relatively transparent while implementing border policies. The White House focused its messaging on illegal immigration and encouraged border patrol agents to talk. 

Border patrol agents have been warned against speaking against approved messaging and statements from the Biden White House. 

Both senior CBP employees revealed that requests to tour the border are being denied. Their reason, they say, has to do with the coronavirus pandemic.  Since Joe Biden assumed power, border “ride-a-longs” showing border wall projects and arrests have significantly decreased. 

Officials have been placed under a sort of “gag order,” and they said they were told verbally not to communicate with media beyond statements approved from the top, the officials said.

Media tours inside Border Patrol facilities are rare and often not facilitated by Biden officials. Trump, however, did allow for frequent media tours. 

Media and reporters have been routinely denied access to border facilities. A massive, yet unknown, number of migrants are overcrowded in horrible conditions as a result of Biden’s policies. Even so, reporters are forbidden to expose the nightmare – even if it’s their job.  

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