Former President Donald Trump became the source of blame for the recent shooting in Atlanta that largely targeted Asian Americans. Liberals immediately rushed to condemn Trump despite knowing the motive behind the crime. 

The horrific shooting left eight people dead, and one in critical condition. According to police, the shooter has taken “full responsibility” for the crime. Atlanta police revealed two of the victims were white while the remaining six were Asian American. 

Race is not said to be a motive in this crime. 

Liberal pundit Kurt Bardella, top adviser for the disgraced Lincoln Project, appeared on live television to blame xenophobia as a main motive for the crime.  

“Why are we seeing this huge uptick in violence against Asian-Americans?” Bardella asked the audience.

The former Republican aide answered his own question, laying blame entirely on the GOP. 

“Asian American violence coincided perfectly with the Republican party using terms like ‘Kung-Flu’ and ‘China Virus’,’” Bardella said, noting that Trump fueled the flames of inflammatory rhetoric. 

CNN took full advantage of the shooting when they posted this headline:

 “Attacks against Asian Americans are on the rise. Here’s what you can do” 

The intention of the headline is merely to insist “hateful rhetoric” is a result of Trump’s pressure on China. 

Many others took to Twitter with similar takes:

Police officials have shot down theories that race was a motivating factor in this crime. The shooter, Robert Aaron Long, revealed his sex addiction was actually his sole motivator, claiming the massage parlors were major sources of temptation for him. 

While authorities have not ruled out a racially motivated hate crime, many were quick to jump to conclusions.

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