The House Republicans were unsuccessful in removing Rep. Eric Swalwell from his role on the House Intelligence Committee. The Democrat-majority house beat back the Republican effort. 

Rep. Swalwell has received intense backlash after his close association with a woman accused by federal intelligence agencies of being a Chinese spy became known. 

The measure to remove Swalwell was defeated along party lines, 218-200.

Minority Leader Rep. McCarthy filled a multiple-page resolution for Swalwell’s removal from the committee. In his role, Swalwell is privy to some of the most secretive information in the U.S.  

The spy in question, Fang Fang, also known as Christine Fang, repeatedly helped raise money for Swalwell’s campaign and also helped him with staffing in his Congressional office. 

Swalwell has revealed next to nothing about his relationship with Fang but has resisted calls to step down from committee assignments.  

Fang is rumored to have multiple sexual relationships with elected officials in the U.S. It was reported that she had numerous trysts with mayors in the Midwest. Once FBI caught on to her spy games in 2015, Fang left the U.S. Swalwell reportedly cut all ties with Fang upon her departure. 

Deep State Democrats likeAdam Schiff, the intelligence committee chairman, defended Swalwell in a letter to colleagues on Thursday calling him a ”trusted member of our committee.”

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