A liberal school district has to cough up $325,000 to a teacher who claims she was forced to digitally censor a Trump t-shirt worn by a student in a yearbook photograph.   

The school board reached a settlement with Susan Parsons this week, but made no admission of guild or wrongdoing. The money will be paid by the district’s insurance carrier that is funded primarily by taxpayer dollars. 

As the high school’s yearbook advisor, Parsons was asked by a secretary acting as an intermediary for the principal to remove “Trump Makes America Great Again” from a student’s t-shirt, making it appear that the student was wearing a plain navy blue t-shirt.  

Parsons, who admitted to voting for Trump in 2016, said she received death threats and was made to be the scapegoat. She claimed she was suspended without pay as a result. Parsons said she was routinely tasked with digitally censoring photos at the principal’s discretion. 

Parsons will receive about $204,000 and the remainder of the settlement will cover attorney fees, according to the agreement.

The school district reissued the yearbook with the original unaltered photo.

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