Biden has only been in office for two months, but I’m sure you’re already feeling the pain. If you’ve been to the gas station recently, you know what I’m talking about. In only sixty days, Biden has managed to cause gas prices to skyrocket. And that is only the icing on this poison cake.

If you live anywhere near the border, you have reasons to be upset. Biden’s removal of every last Trump policy has created a humanitarian crisis along our Southern border. Illegal immigrants are overwhelming our detention centers and Border Patrol. Reports suggest Biden will fly migrants to Northern cities, just to stick them somewhere.

But the worst is certainly still to come. After throwing a measly $1,400 bone at Americans (expanding our national debt by trillions), Biden plans to spend even more money in the coming months. His “infrastructure” plan—which will prioritize social justice and environmentalism—will require $4 trillion. Where do you think he’ll get that money? (Clue: your bank account.)

Now, Republicans are jumping on Biden’s reckless agenda, with eyes for 2022 and beyond.

As the 2022 elections for control of Congress gear up, Republicans eager to reclaim control of part of Washington are searching for the chink in the Joe Biden Democratic armor…

Longtime anti-tax activist Grover Norquist said that while Biden is promising to increase taxes only on those making $400,000 or more a year, or corporations, Republicans will be able to spell out exactly how those increases will be passed down to everyday middle and working class voters.

“You could make $20,000 per year, and you will be paying higher utilities because of Biden. It was a lie when he said he was only going to tax people who made more than $400,000 and you’re now seeing the fingerprints on this and it’s very, very problematic,” Norquist said during an appearance on Just the News AM last week. [Source: Just the News]

In order for Biden to pay for all the insane spending he wants, he’ll have to raise taxes. Conservatives are warning Americans that these tax hikes won’t just affect the wealthy. We don’t live in bubbles of economic classes. All Americans live and work together. When the expenses for one group go up, they go up for the rest of us.

Do you really think Biden can raise taxes of wealthy Americans—and major corporations—and it not affect the rest of us? When companies are hit with high taxes, they are faced with two options: go broke or raise prices. Norquist warned that families earning only $20,000 will be hurt by Biden’s taxes, as everything from food to electricity to rent to clothing will become much more expensive.

We’re already seeing that at the gas pump. Prices are going up because Biden cut off major sources of energy for American companies. It’ll be just like that, but for everything else you need.

On top of that, companies will be forced to lay off workers to stay above water. Or just leave the country altogether (as Ford is doing) or ship jobs overseas.

Biden knows all this is going to happen, but he lied when he said his tax cuts would only affect the wealthy. But does he care that regular families are going to struggle so much?

I think you know the answer to that one.

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