In an attempt to move away from for-profit migrant housing facilities, the Biden administration has shelled out millions in taxpayer dollars to house illegals in hotels across the southern border.  

Endeavors, a non-profit organization in Texas, runs migrant facilities called “family reception sites” at hotels in Texas and Arizona. The organization provides rooms in seven different national brand-name hotels for families caught crossing the border illegally.  

Tae Johnson, the acting director of ICE, revealed Biden officials signed an $86 million contract with Endeavors to provide temporary shelter and processing services for illegal immigrants.

As of last Wednesday, over 1,200 separate immigrant families were being held at migrant facilities in Texas. A third facility in Pennsylvania is no longer in use as the Biden administration shifts its focus from for-profit facilities to those run by the State. 

Illegal immigrants will receive the VIP treatment once the hotel sites open in April. At the hotel their amenities include: COVID testing, medical care, food services, social workers, and case managers to help with their future travel throughout the United States. 

It remains unclear if migrants will be required to wear ankle bracelets or any form of tracking device to ensure they don’t run. 

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